Let It Glow Repair Kit

Let It Glow Repair Kit

The ultimate holiday indulgence. 🌟

Available exclusively from Osmosis Professionals, the Let It Glow Repair Kit is your secret to unlocking luminous skin. Enhance your ritual with this curated selection of powerful products designed to provide a pathway to revived, luminous skin.


Rescue MD Epidermal Repair Serum - 30mL
Introducing the art of revival with the Rescue MD Epidermal Repair Serum. This patented, dynamic formula neutralizes toxins, calms inflammation, and activates wound and DNA repair.

Remedy MD Healing Balm - 30mL
Wrap skin in the soothing embrace of restoration. Remedy MD Healing Balm reinforces moisture, softens fine lines, and heals fragile, compromised skin. The gift of comfort you deserve.

Repair Lip Therapy Blush
Complete the pampering experience with our Repair Lip Therapy in Blush. Nourishing and hydrating, this lip treatment helps rejuvenate and plump the lips, leaving them soft, smooth, and beautifully tinted. Enhance your natural lip color for a perfect finishing touch.

White & Copper Bag
Present the Let It Glow Repair Kit with a touch of elegance in our exquisite White + Copper Bag. A chic and practical accessory to keep YOUR skincare essentials organized.

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