Yes, please inform me of any skin allergies, sensory sensitivities like scents, or specific skin concerns that are a possible reaction to Autoimmune disorders when booking your appointment or during the consultation. This information helps me tailor the treatment to your unique needs.

#1. To get the most from your skin care service, make sure to start hydrating yourself at least one week prior to your appointment. Drink filtered water with added electrolytes that equals half your body weight in ounces daily. If you drink caffeine or alcohol, then however much you consume of that double the amount and add that number to the first number and that will help you achieve the best amount of water to drink for your body weight and lifestyle. Caffeine, alcohol and refined sugar dehydrates you and dehydration slows down how your skin responds to treatment.   

#2. If possible, please arrive with a clean face, free of makeup, sunscreen, and any other skincare products. This will help us to maximize more time in treating your skin.

#3. Stop all products that have retinoids, acids or acne treating ingredients at least one week prior to your service to reduce unnecessary skin sensitivities during your treatment.

#4. Don't get sunburned or suntanned on the area you want treated at least one week prior to your service. Whether you sunburn or suntan either one makes your skin sensitized and dehydrated. Both issues can slow down the progress of a corrective facial.

#5 Please let me know if you have had within the month prior to your service any neurotoxin injections such as botox or face fillers. Certain facial massage techniques and services should not be used if you have had recent injections.

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