My Experience and Mission

My Experience and Mission

Hello I’m so glad you are here! My name is Danielle and I have been correcting skin professionally since 2001. Over the years I have worked with several doctor specialists in fields of Plastics, Reconstruction, Dermatology, OB/GYN and Chiropractic. Along with the Medical Industry, I have also experienced working for salons, spas and even owned my own full service Day Spa. Presently, I have decided to stay as a solo practitioner so I can really focus on each individual client with patience and diligence without distractions of managing a full service spa. My “Fixing Skin” method was perfected by 2006 bringing forth many incredible before and after testaments from clients that I presently still serve and maintain. This method allowed me to gain freedom within my treatment room so that I could treat my skincare clients in a way that was out of the box from the traditional Spa repertoire and away from the toxic Medspa routines.

Indeed, through my own personal skin experiences I have created a very precise way of helping others.  I have developed a SIGNATURE method of correcting many skin care concerns in a thorough and result driven manner.

My passion for skincare was birthed in my early teens when I was diagnosed with Cystic Acne,  Seborrheic Dermatitis,  Keratosis Pilaris, and Hyperhidrosis. 

I was a hormonal mess by the age of 15 and had my fair share of every antibiotic and topical medication that could possibly exist and even two sessions of Accutane. I went from a sun loving beach bunny of a teenager to a young woman that didn't want to be looked at and hiding from the sun because of all the medications I was on in order to correct my skin problems.  These traumatic experiences of being plagued with skin and scalp ailments created a personal journey that now as a professional helps me to understand and help others who are suffering as well.

My mission is to create healthy skin for those who are challenged in having it and to help those who have healthy skin to maintain it.

Skin is fascinating and can be changed at any age for the better.  It is a commitment but it is a rewarding one and a necessary service for maintaining your overall health, since our skin is one of the largest organs of our body.

Looking forward to taking care of you!
♡ Danielle